A Modern Approach to Personal Training

Nate Fryer’s personal training approach is designed around promoting muscle balance, building functional movement, and eliminating pain. His unique Four Quadrant Model and patented mutli-plane exercise machines enable a training approach that is 100% customized to your body.

Nate works with clients of all ages and body types with one common goal: to unlock mobility. This means achieving balance in your body. Letting go of tension built up over months, years, or decades. Achieving full range of motion after suffering an injury that impacted your mobility years ago. Keeping your aging body healthy, active, and able to sustain the activities you love most.

Nate Fryer designed, built, and patented multi-plane weight machines to address a common fitness industry problem: lack of progress due to muscle imbalance. These machines allow for loaded motion across three dimensions, as opposed to traditional weight machines which allow for linear motion only.

“I am a firm believer in the power of the body to adapt to changes. I focus on my clients’ goals and design custom programs that allow their bodies to adapt to the exercises I create. Every workout is different, depending on how my client is feeling and what I see as compensation patterns.”

-Nate Fryer, Personal Trainer & Owner of FyrCore Fitness

The Four Quadrants of Movement

At FyrCore Fitness, we utilize a Four Quadrant Model to categorize types of movement. This Four Quadrant method to training ensures our clients gain strength in every area of movement.

The Four Quadrants of Movement include:

  1. Linear Loaded: Moving within a single, linear direction with external resistance, such as weights or exercise bands. Examples of Linear Loaded movement include traditional weight lifting, machine weights, and TRX training.
  2. Linear Unloaded: Moving within a single, linear direction using gravity or your own body for resistance. Examples of Linear Unloaded movement include bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats, stability isometrics like planks and wall sits, and MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques).
  3. 3D Loaded: Moving your body across X, Y, and Z axes with resistance from an external source. These often include twisting and/or swinging motions. Examples of 3D Loaded movement include dynamic medicine ball, kettle bell, and ViPR exercises.
  4. 3D Unloaded: Moving your body across X, Y, and Z axes without any external resistance beyond gravity and your own body. Examples of 3D Unloaded movement include agility exercises, running, dance, martial arts, and most sports.

The Multi-Plane Weight Machine: Exclusive to FyrCore Fitness

Nate’s proprietary multi-plane weight machines put the Four Quadrant Theory into action. The machines’ unique mechanics allow for resistance across multiple planes of motion. This means that the exercises you perform mimic real-world, 3D motion. As a result, you engage more muscles in one motion than with any other exercise machine on the market.

Nate invented the multi-plane weight machine to enable better recovery from injuries and muscle imbalances.

As a client of FyrCore Fitness, you get exclusive access to these proprietary machines. They are not available in any other gym or location on the planet. Loading and working across three dimensions allows you to train without pain and get back on track faster.

The arms of the multi-plane weight machine move in all directions; not just up and down. The person using the machine is stabilizing his motion against resistance from all directions.

At the top of the movement, you can see that his hands are both closer together and slightly forward of their starting position. This movement through multiple planes was his own doing; not controlled by a set path of the machine.

Are you ready to train smarter?