Muscle Activation Techniques®

Combating Chronic Inflammation

Your muscles undergo different types of stress every day. Do you sit at a desk? Are you constantly picking up and putting down your kids? How many times a week do you unload groceries from your car?

When we apply stress to our muscles, our bodies respond with inflammation. On its own, inflammation isn't bad. Our inflammatory response is necessary for our muscle tissue to grow after being damaged. This is the basic principle behind resistance training.

The problems occur when we repeatedly stress our muscles without letting the inflammatory response fully heal them. Damage is further compounded as age decreases our muscles' stress tolerance. This is why we see so many cases of chronic inflammation— the root cause of diseases like diabetes, MS, coronary heart disease, and many more.

Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) raises your muscles' stress tolerance without damaging the tissue, promoting proper healing. MAT® is a hands-on approach to correcting muscle imbalances, helping you reactivate muscles and solve the root cause of pain.

Same-day before and after: A client exhibits noticeable improvement in gait after one MAT® session. We observed improvement in range of motion, balance, muscle control, and walking speed.

Nate Fryer, Personal Trainer in Denver CO

"MAT is the best tool I've found to help identify and correct compensation and muscle imbalance issues in the body. It helps to find the root cause of pain from dysfunctional muscles. MAT has helped me address and alleviate issues from my torn rotator cuffs, separated shoulders, herniated cervical and lumbar disks, meniscus tears, and a torn tendon in my foot. I don't think I'd be able to walk or lift up my kids if I hadn't found MAT as a treatment method."

-Nate Fryer, Personal Trainer & Owner of FyrCore Fitness

Who is MAT® For?

MAT® is good for anyone who experiences:

  • Pain from chronic stress or sudden trauma

  • Limited range of motion

  • Muscle tightness, discomfort, or loss of performance

  • Tendonitis or arthritis

What to Expect in an MAT® Session

A standard MAT® session includes range-of-motion tests, muscle palpation, and corrective exercises. Most individuals can see positive results in just a few sessions.

  • Range of motion tests. You’ll be asked to use your muscles to push in different directions, with the goal of identifying unbalanced or limited range of motion.

  • Muscle palpation. Your specialist will apply hands-on, non-invasive corrections via precise pressure to muscle attachment sites. This helps to reactivate weakened muscles that aren't working as effectively as possible.

  • Instantly noticeable results. While your pain may not be cured after a single session, you will notice improved strength, mobility and flexibility right away.

Nate is a certified MAT® specialist who will assess your muscular system and perform targeted adjustments to restore muscle function.

You don't have to accept muscle tension and immobility as your daily reality. Full spectrum movement and strength are possible at any age. See what just one session can do for you.