Intensity Without Joint Stress

XBody uses electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to contract your muscles via electric impulses. XBody users wear an adjustable full body XBody Training Suit that places electrodes over each major muscle group.

These targeted electric impulses mimic your body’s natural stimulus transductions, enabling you to work at significantly higher intensities without putting extra stress on your joints.

“I chose to integrate XBody into my practice because I found it challenging to strength train some individuals at the intensity they needed for muscle adaptation without causing compensations. XBody allows me to strength train individuals without the joint stress caused by traditional lifting. The EMS suit allows the client to effectively develop their muscles to assist in overcoming compensation patterns.”

-Nate Fryer, Personal Trainer & Owner of FyrCore Fitness

Unique Benefits of XBody & EMS Training

EMS activates muscle fibers in a non-regular order, disrupting the established patterns your brain uses to communicate with your muscles. This disruption triggers greater intensity of training and accelerates the development of muscle fibers. The main benefits of XBody and EMS Training include:

  • Faster muscle tissue development
  • Improved posture
  • Joint relief (great for post-injury recovery)
  • Muscle re-balancing through targeted stimulation
  • Shorter workouts of equal or greater effectiveness

Are you ready to train smarter?